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Dental Veneers for Oak Park Patients

If you want to restore your smile and correct cosmetic issues like stained, misshapen, chipped, or slightly crooked teeth, veneers from Dr. Murphy can help improve the appearance of your smile! As an experienced cosmetic dentist in Oak Park, Dr. Murphy has successfully treated many patients with veneers to give them beautiful, natural-looking smiles. Call us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your cosmetic dentistry options!

A Popular Cosmetic Solution
What Are Veneers?

Dental veneers are a specialized type of cosmetic prosthetic. They are made out of porcelain to provide the best durability and appearance. Veneers are built to fit over your existing teeth and cover imperfections. This allows veneers to correct a number of cosmetic issues, such as discoloration, misalignment, and misshapen teeth.

Know What to Expect
How are Veneers Applied?

After an initial oral exam has confirmed that you are a good candidate, veneers are usually applied in just 2 appointments at the office of Dr. Murphy. At your first appointment, Dr. Murphy will clean your mouth and prepare the teeth that will have veneers applied by removing a very thin layer of enamel. This enamel layer is equal in thickness to the veneer. It’s removed to ensure a completely seamless fit.

Then, Dr. Murphy will take molds and images of your mouth, which are sent to an outside lab where your veneers are manufactured. You’ll be sent home with a temporary set of veneers to cover your teeth, and you’ll come back in 2-3 weeks when your permanent veneers are delivered.
At your second appointment, Dr. Murphy will check the fit and finish of your veneers, to make sure that they look and feel natural. Then, they are bonded into place using a professional dental adhesive, which completes the procedure.

Veneers Oak Park
Veneers in Oak Park

The Benefits of Dental Veneers

Why are veneers such a popular cosmetic treatment? Here are just 3 of the reasons.

  • Natural look and feel – Veneers are made to match the shape, appearance, and color of your existing teeth. In addition, they also feel natural, as they are tightly bonded to your teeth.
  • No special care required – Veneers are durable and stain-resistant. Beyond avoiding the chewing of non-food objects, or very hard foods, there are no other special care precautions required. Just brush and floss normally, and see Dr. Murphy for a 6-month teeth cleaning and oral exam!
  • Fast and non-invasive – Treatment only takes two appointments, and is completely non-invasive. You’ll only need a mild numbing agent.

Expected Treatment Lifespan
How Long Do Veneers Last?

Primarily, this depends on how well you care for your smile after you get veneers. It’s typically for veneers to last about 10 years at a minimum, and some patients keep their veneers for 20 years or longer. This makes them the longest-lasting cosmetic dentistry treatment.

To keep your veneers in good shape, though, you need to maintain good oral hygiene and a healthy diet. Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, floss daily, avoid sugary drinks, quit smoking and excessive alcohol use, and take other steps to maintain your oral health. You also should see Dr. Murphy for a teeth cleaning and oral exam every six months.

There are also some habits that could damage your veneers prematurely. For example, you should not chew hard foods like almonds or popcorn kernels with your veneers, since this could damage them. Do not chew non-food objects like pens or fingernails, and avoid using your teeth to tear open packages or rip tape.

Oak Park IL Veneers
Veneers Oak Park IL

Discomfort During Treatment
Do Veneers Hurt?

The veneer treatment process will not cause you any pain or discomfort. During your initial tooth preparation appointment, Dr. Murphy will numb your mouth to ensure you do not feel any pain while your teeth are being trimmed and prepared for veneers. Then, he will apply a set of temporary veneers to protect your teeth.

While you wear these temporary veneers, your teeth may feel a bit more sensitive. This is normal, and to be expected. Your teeth will be a bit sore from the trimming process, and pre-fitted temporary veneers do not fit as well as custom-built porcelain veneers.

During this time, we recommend avoiding eating really tough or hard foods, or consuming extremely hot or cold foods and drinks. This will help mitigate any sensitivity or discomfort you may be experiencing.

Once you come back to Murphy Dental Group, PLLC, your permanent veneers will be placed. They will fit perfectly over your teeth, eliminating any sensitivity or discomfort. Your teeth will feel completely normal and natural.

Long-Lasting Results
Do Veneers Stain?

Porcelain veneers will never become stained. While the ceramic material used to create veneers looks very similar to natural enamel, it’s actually quite different. The biggest difference is that porcelain is nonporous. In other words, it’s a completely sealed surface without tiny openings (pores) that staining liquids, foods, and compounds can enter.

In contrast, your natural enamel is full of small pores where stains collect. Because veneers lack these pores, they cannot be stained by food, drink, or anything else. They will look bright and shiny for years to come.

However, this does not mean you can neglect your oral health. While the veneers themselves will never stain, it’s possible for the surrounding tooth structure to become stained, or for your rear teeth to become stained over time.

So make sure you maintain good oral hygiene, and keep brushing and flossing your teeth to prevent the buildup of stains. This will keep your smile looking beautiful for years to come.

Veneers in Oak Park IL

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If you feel embarrassed about your smile, or you feel self-conscious when speaking or eating due to how your teeth look, you may want to consider getting veneers from Dr. Murphy. With veneers, you can completely change how your teeth look and get the smile that you have always wanted. Veneers are more affordable than ever and can have huge benefits for your self-esteem and self-image.

If you’re interested in veneers, contact Dr. Murphy today. At your cosmetic consultation, he will discuss your budget, the condition of your mouth, and your smile goals, to help you decide if veneers are right for you! Get started by giving us a call at (708) 524-0330, or dropping by our office at 137 N Oak Park Ave, Oak Park, IL 60301.

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