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If you want to restore your smile by fixing missing teeth, implants from Murphy Dental Group, PLLC can help improve the appearance of your smile! As an experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Murphy has successfully treated many patients with implants to give them beautiful, natural-looking smiles. Call us today to schedule a consultation and discuss dental implants in Oak Park!

Beautiful Replacement Teeth That Feel Natural

Whether you’re missing just one tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants are quickly becoming the standard restorative dentistry solution. Dental implants from an Oak Park dentist like Dr. Murphy provide a natural, long-lasting solution for your missing tooth. If you care for your implant properly, it will last you for the rest of your life. At our practice, we use the latest implant dentistry technology and techniques to deliver top-notch patient care for tooth replacement in Oak Park.

Understanding Dental Implants

There are two primary components of a traditional dental implant restoration. The implant itself is a small piece of titanium or zirconium, built in the shape of a rod or screw. This small rod is placed permanently in your gum and jaw, replacing the root of your missing tooth. As it heals, the implant goes through the process of “osseointegration.” This means that it becomes permanently bonded to your jaw and gum tissue, providing a stable foundation for your replacement tooth.

The next part of the dental implant is the crown. Your custom crown is built by Dr. Murphy to look and feel just like a natural tooth. It will match your surrounding teeth perfectly, and crown will be permanently attached to the dental implant to create a beautiful, seamless smile. Together, the implant and the crown will completely replace your missing tooth with a restoration that looks and feels completely natural.

Dental Implants Oak Park
Oak Park IL Dental Implants

The Dental Implant Placement Process

Once Dr. Murphy has approved you as an eligible candidate for the dental implant procedure, the dental implant process typically takes two appointments. During your consultation, Dr. Murphy uses advanced x-rays and scanning technology to develop a customized treatment plan just for you. Then, at your first appointment, he will clean and numb your mouth. If sedation dentistry is necessary, a form of sedation can be administered to the patient at this time.

During this next step of the surgical procedure, a small incision is made in your gum line, and the dental implant is placed directly into this area. The area is then cleaned again and sutured. As your dental implant heals for about 3-6 months, Dr. Murphy will create a custom crown that matches your existing healthy teeth perfectly. Once enough time has passed, and your implant has healed completely, you’ll come in for your last appointment. During this appointment, Dr. Murphy will permanently attach your crown to the dental implant, and ensure that it fits perfectly and matches your adjacent teeth. You’ll leave our office with a beautifully restored smile!

Does It Hurt To Get A Dental Implant?

No. Your mouth will be completely numb during the dental implant placement process, and we also provide sedation dentistry at our office to keep you safe and comfortable. You won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the implant process itself.

However, you can expect some pain when your numbing and sedation wear off, and you go home to recover. Dr. Murphy will provide you with a set of instructions to follow to minimize your pain and ensure your mouth heals properly after your dental implant surgery in Oak Park, so follow his instructions closely.

Dental Implants Oak Park IL
Dental Implants in Oak Park

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

If you take proper care of your mouth and follow Dr. Murphy’s instructions to recover and heal after your implant placement surgery, you can expect the implant to bond permanently with your gums and jaw bone. It will never fail as long as you brush and floss and keep your mouth healthy.

In fact, up to 90% of implants are still in place after 30 years. It’s likely that you will be able to keep your dental implant for the rest of your life, making this by far the best way to permanently restore your missing teeth.

To make sure your dental implant in Oak Park lasts as long as possible, though, it is very important to maintain good at-home oral hygiene, and to see Dr. Murphy every six months for an oral exam and dental cleaning.

This helps you avoid “peri-implantitis,” an infection around your implant that’s similar to gum disease. Peri-implantitis is the leading cause of premature dental implant failure, and should be avoided at all costs.

it's important to note that restorative dentistry procedures, such as dental crowns, implant-supported bridges, and implant-supported dentures, may wear out over time. Unlike the metal implant post, which is securely held into your gum and jaw tissue, your restorations will be exposed to wear & tear from daily biting, chewing, and speaking. They usually must be replaced every 10-20 years.

What Happens If I Damage An Implant?

In most cases, damaging an implant just means that you’ve damaged the implant restoration, such as the crown, bridge, or denture attached to your dental implant or implants. The implant itself, the small piece of metal that supports your restoration, will likely be intact and undamaged.

As previously mentioned, dental implant restorations are subject to a lot of wear & tear. Over time, a restoration like a dental crown may become damaged or worn out as it’s used to chew and bite. For example, you could crack the crown when biting a popcorn kernel, or it may be knocked loose if you slip and fall and suffer dental trauma.

The good news is that it’s very easy to replace and repair damaged implant restorations. Dr. Murphy will be able to easily repair the damaged tooth or teeth, and restore your smile, usually in only a single emergency dentistry appointment at Murphy Dental Group, PLLC.

It’s very rare for the metal implant post to become damaged, because it’s tightly bonded to your gums and jaw tissue. Unless your implant heals improperly or you experience major dental trauma, your implant will likely never become damaged and require replacement.

Dental Implants in Oak Park IL

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Dental implants can last for the rest of your life, if cared for properly. They also look and feel completely natural, unlike dentures and bridges, and they require no special care beyond normal brushing and flossing.
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