Do I Need A Tooth Extraction?

Do you have a nagging toothache or suspect a serious tooth infection? Are your wisdom teeth growing in? The team at the office of Wesley C. Wise wants to make sure our patients have everything they need to know about tooth extractions to help determine whether this is the right treatment option for you.

Signs A Tooth May Need To Be Extracted

There are a few common signs that your tooth may need to be extracted. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, consider scheduling an appointment at the office of Wesley C. Wise, DDS & Assoc:

  • Severe pain in and around the tooth
  • Pain or sensitivity that gets worse when biting or chewing
  • Pain and stiffness in your jaw
  • Swollen or inflamed gums around your tooth

If you recognize any or all of the above symptoms, you should seek emergency dentistry in Oak Park from Dr. Wise right away.  The only way to be sure that tooth extraction is the right treatment for you is to see a qualified dentist. Tooth extraction is typically the last resort for most dental issues, so Dr. Wise will assess your oral health, examine your mouth, and take x-rays to ensure that extraction is the best option for you.

The Most Common Reasons For Tooth Extraction

Here are the most common reasons that Dr. Wise would suggest a tooth extraction:

  • Broken or impacted tooth – If your tooth is seriously broken or damaged by an oral injury, or if it has been driven back into its socket, the only way to treat the issue may be to extract it and replace it with a partial denture, bridge, or dental implant.
  • Wisdom tooth extraction – The wisdom teeth often grow in improperly and become impacted. They can also cause overcrowding of your teeth, and make them more susceptible to infection and decay, so most people have their wisdom teeth extracted when they erupt.
  • Periodontal disease – In serious cases of periodontal disease, some or all of your teeth may need to be extracted to eliminate pain and discomfort, and to prepare for the placement of dentures.
  • Root canal treatment fails or is ineffective – Infections caused by tooth decay can usually be treated by root canals. However, if your tooth is too damaged to repair, or root canal treatment fails, it must be extracted.

See Dr. Wesley C. Wise For Emergency Dental Care In Oak Park

If you’re experiencing tooth pain and discomfort, and you believe that you may need a tooth extraction, come see Dr. Wesley C. Wise right away. As an expert general and restorative dentist, Dr. Wise can examine your mouth, and determine the best treatment for your particular situation. Contact us now at (708) 524-0330, or come to our office at 137 N Oak Park Ave, Oak Park, IL 60301 if you’re in the area. Immediate care is the best way to preserve your teeth, and eliminate your pain and discomfort.