Could A Severe Toothache Be A Dental Emergency?

If you have a severe toothache in Oak Park, you may not be sure if your condition counts as a dental emergency. Is it really a big deal to have a toothache, and should you be worried that your condition is going to get worse?

The answer is “yes.” A severe toothache definitely counts as a dental emergency, and you’ll need to get help right away from the office of Murphy Dental Group, PLLC. Learn more about why toothaches count as dental emergencies below, or call us at (708) 524-0330 now to get a same-day appointment in Oak Park

When Does A Toothache Count As A Dental Emergency?

If your tooth is only a little bit sore, hurts intermittently, and does not cause you a lot of pain, it’s probably not an emergency. Minor, infrequent toothaches can be caused by small cavities, teeth grinding and clenching, and a number of other dental issues. While you should still get care from Dr. Murphy to diagnose the issue, you probably don’t need a same-day emergency dental appointment.

However, this is not the case if you have a serious toothache. If your toothache hurts a lot, lasts more than 1-2 days, and is accompanied by other symptoms like sensitivity to heat and cold, and swelling or inflammation of the gum tissue around the affected tooth, it’s an emergency. Your tooth may be infected, and you need to get immediate care.

Why Is A Toothache Such A Big Deal? Understanding Why You Need Immediate Care

A tooth infection is a dental emergency because it can result in the loss of your tooth if you don’t get help right away. Teeth can develop infections when a major cavity or an oral injury damages the outer layers of the tooth. This, in turn, exposes the vulnerable “pulp” inside of your tooth to oral bacteria.
The pulp is what keeps your tooth alive, and it’s full of nerves and blood vessels. As the infection progresses, the tooth will begin to slowly die as the pulp decays and rots. Without timely treatment, you could lose your tooth completely. In rare cases, you could even develop a serious fever or blood infection (sepsis) due to an untreated tooth infection. That’s why you need to get help right away.

How Will My Toothache Be Treated By Dr. Murphy? 

Usually, the best option for treating a severe toothache is root canal therapy in Oak Park. In this procedure, Dr. Murphy will create an opening in your tooth, and then extract the damaged and infected material from the interior of your tooth. Then, he will clean the inside of your tooth and fill it with an inert, rubber-like material, and restore your tooth with a dental filling or a dental crown to protect it from further damage. 

With timely intervention, root canal therapy can remove the infection, restore your tooth, and eliminate your pain and discomfort. So don’t wait. The sooner you see us for an appointment, the more likely it is that you can save your tooth.

Contact Us For Same-Day Emergency Dental Appointments In Oak Park 

At our office, Dr. Murphy always has time for patients who need emergency dentistry in Oak Park. If your tooth hurts and you think it may be infected, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Contact us at (708) 524-0330 to schedule a consultation at our office and get the immediate care you need for your toothache.