Can a Root Canal Be Done Through a Crown?

If you had a restorative dental procedure, such as a root canal, then having a proper oral hygiene routine is crucial to maintaining good oral health. If you ignore the daily brush, floss, and rinse, you can still develop cavities, plaque, and infections under the crown. Moreover, the bacteria can also affect your gums and lead to gingivitis.

Untreated tooth decay under a crown can cause it to fail not because the crown will be damaged, but because the tooth itself can still be affected by the accumulated bacteria.

But, what if you need an Oak Park root canal and have a crown? Will the dentist be able to perform it?

Let’s see how a root canal is performed in this situation and what happens afterward.

How Is a Root Canal Done Through a Dental Crown?

There are two ways a root canal can be performed if the patient has a dental crown.

The first option would be to do it through the crown. The procedure would go just as it would with a natural tooth. The dentist will drill through the crown, remove the damaged tissue and seal the drilled hole with a filling.

But there are also situations where a root canal cannot be performed through a dental crown.

The scenarios that do not allow for a root canal to be done through a crown are:

  • When the damage is too advanced
  • When the crown has been damaged during the procedure
  • When during the procedure the dentist discovers that the tooth is more damaged than initially thought

Your dentist will be able to evaluate and propose the treatment that best suits your situation.

If they can't perform the root canal, then the second option would be to remove the crown before or during the root canal procedure.

After the root canal is performed, the doctor will evaluate and decide if the crown can still be used or if a new one needs to be placed on top of your tooth.

When Do You Need a Crown Replacement?

After the root canal, a new crown might be the best option. During the procedure, the tooth can change its shape and the existing crown might not fit anymore.

There is also the possibility that the old crown has been affected by the decay and reusing it can create further damage.

If the dental crown has been damaged during the procedure, the dentist will have to replace it with a new one.

Whatever Your Oral Health needs, We Can Help!

As you can see, root canals can be performed even if you have a dental crown. Your unique situation will determine the way it will be performed and your dentist can recommend the treatment that best fits your needs.

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